Collide "Total Music Package"


Collide "Total Music Package"

from 110.00

The Collide Total Music package contains all releases currently available by Collide as well as The Secret Meeting album and singles.

The Total Music Package includes 15 physical cds and 1 dvd

You can get all of them for 40% off of their regular price, or you can choose to have them all autographed!

Here is what's included:

Collide “Mind & Matter”
Collide "Color of Nothing"
Collide "Bent and Broken"
Collide "Counting to Zero"
Collide "These Eyes Before"
Collide "Two Headed Monster" CD
Collide "Live at the El Rey" CD
Collide "Vortex" 2CD
Collide "Some Kind of Strange" CD
Collide "Chasing the Ghost" CD
Collide "Distort" CD
Collide "Beneath the Skin" CD

The Secret Meeting "Ultrashiver" CD
The Secret Meeting "Shiver X" CD Single
The Secret Meeting "Shooting Laser Beams" CD Single

Collide "Like the Hunted" DVD

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