Collide "Complete Music Package" 4


Collide "Complete Music Package" 4

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The Collide Complete Music package contains all releases available by Collide currently available. This includes The Secret Meeting album and singles, as well as Statik Machines album (download), and the Collide "Not Forgotten" download only album, Deep single download, and Skin EP download.

All of the physical items are autographed!

The Complete Music Package includes 15 physical cds, 1 dvd, and 4 downloads

Here is what's included:

Collide “Mind & Matter”
Collide "Color of Nothing"
Collide "Bent and Broken"
Collide "Counting to Zero"
Collide "These Eyes Before
Collide "Two Headed Monster" CD
Collide "Live at the El Rey" CD
Collide "Vortex" 2CD
Collide "Some Kind of Strange" CD
Collide "Chasing the Ghost" CD
Collide "Distort" CD
Collide "Beneath the Skin" CD

The Secret Meeting "Ultrashiver" CD
The Secret Meeting "Shiver X" CD Single
The Secret Meeting "Shooting Laser Beams" CD Single

Collide "Like the Hunted" DVD

Collide "Skin" EP download
Collide "Deep" single download
Collide "Not Forgotten" EP download
Statik "Machines" album download

(The Downloads for "Skin", "Deep", "Not Forgotten", and "Machines" are all in one zip file, which is 299MB. The songs for those albums are MP3 files, and include digital pdf booklets of the original artwork.  A link for the downloads will be emailed to you soon after your purchase)

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