Fringe Promo

Fringe Promo

If anyone has noticed during the last month (and during the Emmy's), some of the promos for the new season of the Fox program Fringe have been using the song "Am I Here" from our Secret Meeting project. We're were very excited about it, and hopefully it helped us to find some new listeners.

Someone posted one of the promos on YouTube here, if you want to check it out.

We hope to continue with The Secret Meeting, and (if the stars line up) hope to begin work on a new album this year.

Counting to Zero pre-sales

Counting to Zero pre-sales

Well the day has finally come...after two years of work, blood, sweat and some tears...Counting to Zero is now available for pre-sale and will ship on, or before the release date of Sept. 27th.

We are very excited!!! This day has been a long time in coming. There are sooooo many details that go into the creating of a new album.

You can pre-order the CD here. Yayyyyyyyyyyy.

Orders placed prior to the release date (Sept 27th)

will receive some extra special things:

a signed CD
a signed Thank You Card
a Collide collector button that we are making ourselves in limited quantity
a signed and folded poster
(sorry we have to fold them to fit them in the package)

The Secret Meeting +Fringe

The Secret Meeting +Fringe

Last week we got some great news out of the blue. Fox's show Fringe is using "Am I Here?" from our Secret Meeting album Ultrashiver in promos for season 4 of the show.

Someone uploaded one of the promo spots on YouTube here, if you want to check it out.

It's a great opportunity for us, and we're very excited about it! We hope it will help expose our music to a whole new audience, and re-introduce The Secret Meeting to everyone.

In case you weren't following our news from a few years ago, The Secret Meeting was a project we did in 2007 with Dean Garcia (of Curve, SPC-ECO, and many other projects).

As The Secret Meeting, we released the album Ultrashiver, as well as 2 singles, Shooting Laser Beams, and Shiver X

Counting to Zero artwork and tracklisting

Counting to Zero artwork and tracklisting

Sooooo the count down is on!!!

Here is a sneak peek at the cover for our new CD, Counting to Zero which is scheduled to drop on Sept. 27th (Statik's Birthday).

Thanks to Dave Keffer for the CD cover artwork. We love you Dave.

Here is a track list to whet your appetites:

  • 1. Bending & Floating
  • 2. Lucky 13
  • 3. Mind Games
  • 4. In the Frequency
  • 5. Clearer
  • 6. Counting to Zero
  • 7. Human
  • 8. Tears Like Rain
  • 9. Further From Anything
  • 10. Slow Down
  • 11. Letting go

The artwork has been turned in and the CD has been mastered and is set to be pressed. Wooooo hooooooooooooo.

Pre sales will start soon. So excited!!

Please help us spread the word...we need all the help we can get.

Credits on "Counting to Zero"

Credits on "Counting to Zero"

Extra Special Huge Gigantic thanks to everyone who sent in a donation to help us fund our new album, Counting to Zero!!! 

It is because of you that this album exists.

We have compiled a list of everyone who contributed to get their name on the upcoming album. If you are one of those people...or you don't remember, please check here to make sure that your name is there. Please check your credit as soon as possible (in the next 5 days) as this bad boy is set to go to print. If you see anything missing, please let us know and we will check.

Counting to Zero

Counting to Zero

Sooooooooooo we are counting down the days for the new Collide album...and yes we have a name and a release date!

It will be called Counting to Zero, and it will be released on Tuesday Sept 27th 2011 !!!!! (which also happens to be Statik's birthday)

We are still working on artwork and finalizing songs, but we are definitely very excited to be on the count down!!!!

We also have some surprises for you...yes maybe a video.

Get your name printed in the upcoming Collide CD

Get your name printed in the upcoming Collide CD

The is the last call to get your name on the new album!!

Our eternal thanks to everyone who has been so kind and generous and made a donation to help us with the financing of the new CD.

Without you this album would not have been possible.

As you know, those of you who donated $20 or more also get their name printed in the booklet for the album in our thank-you credits.

We will be finalizing artwork in just a few days, so you only have until the end of this month (July 31st)...if you want your name in the booklet of the album, the details are here and this will be the last opportunity.

New Collide album

New Collide album


It has been a while since our last update, so we thought we would take a minute to let you know what is going on in Collide world.

We are very excited to say that we have been hard at work on a new album and things are definitely moving along !!!

We have nine songs on the go entering the final stages. They still need to be finalized, tweaked, and then tweaked some more. Artwork still needs to be done really still a lot of work involved.

We have no actual release date yet, as we never let go of anything until we know in our hearts that it is the best that we could have made it.

Again, we want to thank the people who made a donation towards making this new CD a possibility. We are eternally grateful and this CD will be dedicated to those people (you know who you are).

For those of you who have asked...yes you still get your name on the CD...most definitely!!! Right up until we go to print and we will let you know as soon as that happens.

More details about getting your name on the CD are here:
Get your name on the new Collide CD

So really... that is all that is fit to print for the moment. More news soon.

Feel free to drop by on our Facebook page and say hi...we love to hear from you.
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Hope all is well in your world.

Also, if you want to sign up for the Collide newsletter, be sure to sign up here

Much love & appreciation,

kaRIN & Statik