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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Carpe Nocturne Cover

We posted this on our facebook page in December, but somehow, we forgot to get it on our own news page...oops.

Guess who's on the cover of the new Carpe Nocturne magazine? We'll give you a hint--it's kaRIN!! You can download the issue right here: http://carpenocturnemagazine.com/ The whole magazine is over 200 pages, and the Collide interview/article is 10 pages long!! Go check it out!!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

True Blood

We are very excited that the HBO show True Blood will be using our song "Slither Thing" from our Some Kind of Strange CD in the next episode!!!

The show airs on HBO on Sunday June 20th at 9 pm, (but check your local listings to be sure).

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beyond Fantasy Magazine interview

Collide is featured in the latest issue of Beyond Fantasy Magazine. A magazine for the 21st century dreamer!!! Great magazine and stunning photos.

It's a very nice full color magazine printed on very nice paper...the way magazines should be. Our interview is four pages long, and contains some pretty funny moments...like why Statik would like to be a rat with wings, or why kaRIN wants an evil monkey.

Meanwhile, we've been a bit quiet lately, as we're busy in the studio, writing songs for a new Collide album.

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Nocturnal Magazine

We start 2010 with the greatest news. Collide is appearing on the cover of the 72 page U.K. magazine Nocturnal. It is the most Collide-filled magazine we have ever seen! Besides the cover, there's a four page interview, a two page piece on kaRIN's Saints & Sinners Clothing and Accessory line, and a review of "These Eyes Before". You also get a free downloadable compilation album, which includes our version of David Bowies's "Space Oddity".

We really must thank Steven Hurst for all of his efforts and writing to make this happen....wooo-hooooo!

To download the magazine, go here. It does require users to create a login (which is purely for their own stats, no strings attached). The cost for the issue is only about $1, which can be paid by paypal. Not a bad deal, considering you also get the 12-song album!

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Reviews by Mick Mercer

We just received a couple of new reviews from ex Melody Maker writer Mick Mercer.

One was for Dean Garcia's newest project, SPC ECO, which we are distributing in North America.

(SPC ECO) "Together they extract the heat from some essentially grumbly soundscapes and make them strangely sweet, but never sickly. When a bright tingly guitar marks the appearance of ‘For All Time’, with a reassuring bass beneath and some big clumping drums, the addition of winsome vocals sets you up for a cool, restful sound, in which the guitar burrows through hotly...‘Shine On Down’ is quite a humming bird rave of a thing, like Julee Cruise blissed out in the clouds, casually deconstructing some early Cocteaus."
Check out the full review here.

He's also posted one of our Two Headed Monster.

We like his writing. Here's a tidbit from the review.

"‘Spaces In Between’ swipes the best china off the table and slaps down tectonic plates instead, the rhythmical fizz scampering as the vocals remain imperiously controlled, the song like a giant figurehead of a ship transplanted onto a lethal skateboard. Looming, zooming. It’s a crazed little caper, and we all like those..."
Read the full review here.

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Keyboard Magazine

So I was paging through our March issue of Keyboard Magazine, and discovered a new review for "Two Headed Monster". It was a great surprise. Keyboard Magazine has always been very supportive, so thanks to everyone there.

"This is one monster worth tangling with."-Keyboard Magazine

Read the full review here.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Collide Alterati interview

Alterati Interview 11/2008

We have a new interview up at Alterati. Read some more about the making of Two Headed Monster. Check it out here here. Thanks to James Curcio for the interview.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Collide Fazer interview

Fazer (Canada) 11/2008

We have a new interview online with Fazer Online Music Magazine. It talks about the making of Two Headed Monster, running our own label and a whole lot more.

Check out the entire interview here.

Thanks to Mike for the interview

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

More reviews

We're excited about the new reviews for Two Headed Monster that are still coming in.

Here are three more. If you haven't got a copy for yourself yet, what are you waiting for? Read the full reviews here.

A Model of Control

...this was worth all the wait. Collide deliver what we perhaps expected, and then some, showing such a confidence with their established sound that they have been able to stretch and shift it into new arenas...

Gothic Paradise

There is just no slowing down with this duo as the ideas just seem to flow and almost year after year we're presented with great new material. This latest work has the band putting together some of their best material to date crossing many genre boundaries and remaining as true to their sound as ever.

Regen Magazine

...Two Headed Monster presents Collide fans with more of what they know and love: scathing electronic and guitar textures, dark atmospheres, and mystifying vocals and melodies...

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

3 more great reviews

During this past week we've received 3 more great reviews for Two Headed Monster. Check the full reviews here on our reviews page. Thanks to Jen of Stratosphere Fanzine, Gregory S. Burkart of Fear net, and Peter Marks of Release Magazine for the reviews.

Delusions of Adequacy

"This is Collide’s most lush, warm, and accomplished album to date, with a atmospheric mix of rough and raw guitar sounds and flowing beats, electronics, and vocals."-Jen Stratosphere Fanzine"

Fear net

"Another common thread among these songs – and one of the band's consistent strengths – is the seamless integration of multiple layers of sound. With heavy drumming and robust bass pinning down the low end, and kaRIN's vocals occupying the top of the sonic spectrum, there's a lot of room for intricate guitar licks and noise-rock synth mayhem in the frequencies between. Statik's production skills just get better and better with each effort...-Gregory S. Burkart, Fear.net

Release Magazine

"Precision, yes. Craftmanship, absolutely. Collide's fourth album delivers an overwhelming knock-out....Collide return to the world with their new work wrought delicately in the darkest of desires. I swear I can almost hear angels weeping while listening to this."-Peter Marks, Release Magazine

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