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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Collide Instrumentals

We've been working on something rather exciting lately. We've been going back through all of our computer back-ups, tape back-ups, DATs, old files, and old computers.

We've compiled instrumental versions of our entire album collection. This also includes our Secret Meeting album and singles. On most of the albums, we have also included an unreleased song, or remix. As far as we know, this isn't anything that any band has ever done, as far as an entire catalog of music goes.

The best part? Each download is only $4.99. These will only be available on our own store, Noiseplus Music.

We've also put up our original demo of The Crimson Trial, which was previously only available on long lost cassette versions.

The complete list of new downloads are:

1. The Crimson Trial
2. Beneath the Skin - Instrumentals
3. Distort - Instrumentals (Includes instrumental versions of both "Beneath the Skin (Constrictor Mix) & "Beneath the Skin" (Pulse MIx), both of which both original versions were only available on the Skin EP, and "Deep" (Guitar Only) (a previously unreleased Mix)
4. Chasing the Ghost - Instrumentals
5. Some Kind of Strange - Instrumentals (Includes the previously unreleased instrumental track "Rebuilt", which was recorded during the Some Kind of Strange recording sessions
6. Vortex - Instrumentals - (Includes the previously unreleased mix of "Somewhere" (Solara's Place) remixed by Statik)
7. Two Headed Monster - Instrumentals (Includes the previously unreleased instrumental track "Cherry", which was recorded during the Some Kind of Strange recording sessions
8. The Secret Meeting Ultrashiver - Instrumentals
9. The Secret Meeting Shiver X - Instrumentals - (Includes four new non-instrumental mixes; "Piano Perception Mix" by Tweaker Ray, "Heavenly Creatures' Cellar Mix" by Doctor Ohm, "Naked Highway Mix" by Sy Boccari, and "Dariusz Kujawa Mix" by Kujawa (Bane))
10. Shooting Laser Beams - Instrumentals

and also previously available:

11. These Eyes Before - Instrumental and Acapella
12. Counting to Zero - Instrumental and Acapella
13. Bent and Broken - Instrumentals

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Covenant

Wow...life is spinning at a crazy rate and some ultra cool things are happening. We have a song in the movie The Covenant.

It is a remix that we did of Frontline Assembly's song "Predator", where kaRIN provided the vocals.

We have always really loved this song and now it will be on the end credits of the movie.

"Predator" appears on our CD "Vortex", as well as on Frontline Assembly's "Rewind" CD. Our song, "Euphoria" as well as "Predator" are included on the movie soundtrack.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

New review of Vortex

Thanks to Steven Hurst at Glasswerk.co.uk we have a new review of Vortex. " NIN’s affiliate Charlie Clauser has the honour of presenting the first remix of Euphoria that is nothing but a work of rock genius. The first couple of minutes build and build until you are thrown into a void of guitar ecstasy. And this quality is pretty much maintained throughout the first CD. There are a few covers of note as well – But the non-remix highlight has to be ‘Predator’ which is a gothic masterpiece..." Read more here.

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Monday, September 05, 2005

New review of Vortex at Starvox

Thanks Blu and Kristina Rogers.

"It’s a rare delight to come across an independent artist who’s managed to defy the odds and put out a truly polished and professional indie release. Collide, a vastly talented California duo who has successfully released a string of remarkable albums on their very own NoisePlus label, is precisely such a band. Vortex, Collide’s latest offering, is a sleekly packaged 2-disc set, containing a variety of tracks off their last few CDs, remixed by an eclectic variety of both recognized and lesser-known artists. Impressive really doesn’t begin to describe it." Read more here

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Monday, June 14, 2004

Vortex and radio

Vortex is now #28 on the CMJ RPM charts. If you have a station that you think might be playing it, be sure to request your favorite track. Thanks to all of the stations that are spinning us.

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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Vortex pre-sales

We've started pre-sales of Vortex as well as a special with a new t-shirt design at our online store.

We've also put up clips of all of the songs turned into our remix contest as well as of the songs that appear on the Vortex CD


Saturday, March 20, 2004


We're happy to announce that our newest CD, VORTEX is complete.
The official release date is May 18th.
The total running time of the CD is over 140 minutes

We will put up sound samples soon and start pre-sales...so check back or sign up for the newsletter for updates.

The following is the track listing...


  • 1. Euphoria - Emirian Mix - Charlie Clouser
  • 2. Feed Me to the Lions
  • 3. Slither Thing - Amish Rake Fight Mix - Mike Fisher
  • 4. Razor Sharp - Dull Mix - Wade Alin
  • 5. Like you want to Believe - Antistatic Mix - Remko vander Spek
  • 6. The Lunatics Have Taken over the Asylum
  • 7. Predator - Final Mix - Collide
  • 8. Crushed - 5AM Heavenly Mix - Dave Simpson
  • 9. Wing of Steel - Core Mix - Nils Schulte
  • 10. Halo - Sensory Gate Aura Mix - A. Pozzi/F. Corsini
  • 11. Inside - Shoe Gazing Mix - Kevin Kipnis
  • 12. Somewhere - Orchestral Mix - Mark Walk
  • 13. Frozen - Chill Mix - Statik


  • 1. Haunted When the Minutes Drag
  • 2. Tempted - Conjure One Mix - Rhys Fulber
  • 3. Crushed - Fragment Mix - Vincent Saletto
  • 4. Like you Want to Believe - Cylab Mix - Percy
  • 5. Crushed - Out of Control Mix - Jesse Maddox
  • 6. Wings of Steel - The Sound Of Glass Mix - Aaron McDonald
  • 7. Inside - External Mix - Wade Alin
  • 8. Crushed - Now Forgotten Mix - Ian Ross
  • 9. Wings of Steel - hEADaCHE Mix - hEADaCHE
  • 10. Like you Want to Believe - Bondango's Twisted Acid Mix - Marty Ball
  • 11. Crushed - Scored Mix - Shane Terpening
  • 12. Wings of Steel - Astro Sensorium Mix - Oleg Skrynnik
  • 13. Euphoria - Tears Mix - J. Constantine and A. Ruggles


Thursday, February 12, 2004

Vortex and iTunes


Our new CD, Vortex is going to mastering next week. We'll be posting a new web page soon with clips of the songs that will be on it, as well as all of the other songs that were turned into our remix competition. We're still working out the final linup, but it's going to be two cds, and approx. 26 songs.


Our albums, Chasing the Ghost and Some Kind of Strange are finally up at the Apple iTunes Music store, where you can download and purchase each album for about $9.90 or you can even purchase any song individually.


Monday, September 01, 2003

Remix Collide

We are currently working on a remix/cover album. It will include remixes from the last two CD's. We have a couple of special guest remixers lined up and we thought we would have an open remix call. Anyone who ever wanted to try your hand at remixing Collide, here is your chance. We will be putting the best ones up on the website and the very best ones will be included on the CD.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in...let us know and we will set you up.


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